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Genetic Evaluations of Dairy Animals Available from CDCB

Evaluation files

Files are available for download at 1 pm on the Friday before release but are password protected to allow for download prior to official release

The password for unencrypting the files is available to the public at 7 am on the day of release. See the evaluation schedule for the complete listing of evaluation availability times. A complete description of evaluation distribution is also available.

Goat yield evaluations are updated in July; type evaluations are updated in January
Goat evaluation files
File name1 File format File size
Date File description
f941.zip Format 941 File Missing File Missing 941 doe
f940.zip Format 940s File Missing File Missing 940 buck
38G.zip Format 38 File Missing File Missing All buck yield evaluations
105G.zip Format 105 File Missing File Missing All doe yield evaluations
topbuck   27,227 Dec 4 2018 Top 15% of bucks (for yield) with recent daughters
topdoe   117,971 Dec 4 2018 Top 5% of does (for yield) with recent kiddings
105Gavail.zip Format 105 File Missing File Missing Doe evaluations for all does with recent kiddings
buckname   166,257 Dec 4 2018 Yield evaluations for bucks with recent daughters

1Compressed (zipped) files have .zip extension. Uncompressed files have the extension .myy where m is the month (Nov=B) and yy the year of the evaluation (e.g., B02 indicates November, 2002).

2For bulls with both a U.S.-only and an Interbull evaluation available, the Interbull evaluation is official if it includes data from an additional country or if Interbull excludes U.S. data but has higher reliability than the U.S.-only evaluation.

3Password administered by National Dairy Herd Improvement Association.

Last Modified: 10/10/2018