CDCB Connection August 2017




End User Agreement Required for File Access


Protecting the use of the data and products resulting from CDCB evaluations is very important, as CDCB is a non-profit organization mandated to provide value to dairy farmers and the organizations that contribute data to the U.S. database. In that spirit, the CDCB has adopted an end user agreement. If you have recently tried to access CDCB queries or download files from CDCB's ftp site, a pop-up window has appeared with the terms of agreement.


This agreement was customized for CDCB and based on a standard agreement used by most websites that offer online services. In marking 'I agree' to the terms, the user accepts to acknowledge CDCB as the source of the results being accessed, whenever the information is made available in any format to third parties. How CDCB should be acknowledged was defined in December 2015 when CDCB became solely responsible for the Cooperator Database and U.S. genomic evaluations. the early formation of CDCB. Find the labeling expectation here. Users also explicitly agree not to use results for purposes that are not expressly specified in the agreement. For instance, CDCB results cannot be used for the purpose of reverse engineering CDCB predictions or to generate any products that compete with the Council's products.