CDCB Connection July 2017




Research, JDS Club 100 Celebrated at ADSA


At the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) in Pittsburgh, Penn., several research presentations and abstracts featured the work of scientists at the CDCB and key collaborator, USDA's Animal Genomic and Improvement Laboratory (AGIL).


Inaugural JDS Club 100

A prestigious group of 18 research legends were inducted into the inaugural JDS Club 100 to celebrate the 100th year of the Journal of Dairy Science. Dr. H. Duane Norman and Dr. George R. Wiggans of the CDCB were honored during a June 26 awards ceremony that recognized individuals who have authored or coauthored 100 or more papers in the journal. Norman and Wiggans serve as Technical Advisors for CDCB, roles they embraced after retirement from long careers as Research Geneticists with AGIL, where their previous published research was conducted. Another AGIL scientist, Dr. Robert H. Miller, was also inducted posthumously into the JDS Club 100.


'Being named to the distinguished JDS Club 100 is an amazing achievement, and it reminds us of the incredible contributions by these scientists over many years,' stated Joao Durr, Chief Executive Officer of CDCB. 'The hard work and leadership of these animal geneticists and their colleagues have aided dairy farmers all over the world to make tremendous herd improvement and become more capable of feeding the world.'


Congratulations to all the JDS Club 100 inductees!


CDCB, AGIL Research in Presentations, Abstracts

Scientists at CDCB and AGIL* authored and coauthored research published in the Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 100, Supplement 2 for the ADSA meetings. During the ADSA session Breeding and Genetics II: Health, Kristen Parker Gaddis of CDCB presented 'Genomic analysis of ketosis susceptibility in Jersey cattle,' co-authored with scientists from Dairy Records Management Association (DRMS) and American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).


Following are abstracts authored or coauthored by CDCB and AGIL staff in the JDS Volume 100, Supplement 2:

       Bull fertility evaluations for Angus service sires bred to Holstein cows, Hutchison, Vanraden, Cole, Fok, Norman (CDCB)

       Determination of quantitative trait variants by concordance via application of the a posteriori granddaughter design to the U.S. Holstein population, Weller, Bickhart, Wiggans, Tooker, O'connell, Jiang, Vanraden

       Development of genomic evaluations for direct measures of health in U.S. Holsteins and their correlations with fitness traits , Parker Gaddis, Tooker, Wright, Megonigal, Clay, Cole and Vanraden

       Discovery of a haplotype affecting fertility in Ayrshire dairy cattle and identification of a putative causal variant, Null, Hutchison, Bickhart, Vanraden, Cole

       Genome-wide copy number variant analysis in Holstein cattle reveals variants associated with 10 production traits including residual feed intake and dry matter intake. Connor, Zhou, Wiggans, Lu, Tempelman, Schroeder, Chen, Liu

       Genomic analysis of ketosis susceptibility in Jersey cattle. Parker Gaddis, Megonigal, Clay, Wolfe

       Genomic predictions for crossbreds from all-breed data, Tooker, Vanraden, Fok

       Genetic evaluation of gestation length as a trait of the service sire, Wright and Vanraden

       Genetic trends from single-step GBLUP and traditional BLUP for prediction traits in U.S. Holstein. Masuda, Misztal, VanRaden, Lawlor

       Possibilities in an age of genomics: The future of the breeding index, Cole (AGIL)

       Preliminary genomic predictions of feed saved for 1.4 million Holsteins, Vanraden, Wright, Conner, Vandehaar, Templeman, Liesman, Weigel

       SSGP: SNP-set based genomic prediction to incorporate biological information. Jiang, O'Connell, VanRaden, Ma


Photo top left: Drs. Duane Norman and George Wiggans of CDCB and formerly USDA AGIL were among the inaugural inductees of the JDS Club 100.

Photo middle right: Eighteen inductees of the JDS Club 100 were honored at the 2017 ADSA meetings to celebrate the Journal's 100th anniversary.