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Breed Code Listing Reference 4. -- Alphabetic breed codes

Dairy Cattle
AY Ayrshire
BS Brown Swiss
CN Canadienne
DL Dutch Belted
FL Fleckvieh
GU Guernsey
HO Holstein
JE Jersey
JM Jamaica Hope
KY Kerry
LD American Lineback
MD Milking Devon
MI Meuse-Rhine-Yssel
MO Montbeliarde
MS Milking Shorthorn
NO Normande
NR Norwegian Red
RD Red Dane
RE European Red Dairy
RP Red Poll
SM Simmental/Fleckvieh
SR Swedish Red & White
WW Red and White
XD Crossbreed Dairy
XX Crossbred Dairy/Beef
blank Unknown
Dairy Goats
AI Alpine
CC Sable
EN Saanen
EX Experimental
LN La Mancha
MN Miniature goat
ND Nigerian Dwarf
NU Nubian
OH Oberhasli
PY Pygmy
TO Toggenburg
UG Guernsey
XX Mixed
blank Unknown
Dairy Sheep
AW Awassi
AX Assaf
CU Lacaune
EF East Friesian
blank Unknown
Beef Cattle1
AE American Breed
AF Africander
AK Ankina
AM Amerifax
AN Angus
AR Red Angus
AW Ankolewatusi
BA Barzone
BB Belgian Blue
BD Blonde d Aquitaine
BE Beefalo
BF Beef Friesian
BG Belted Galloway
BI Brahmousin
BL Braler
BM Beefmaster
BN Brangus
BO Braford
BQ Buelingo
BR Brahman
BU Braunvieh
BW British White
CA Chianina
CB Charbray
CG Chiangus
CH Charolais
CM Chi-Maine
DE Devon
DR Dexter
DS South Devon
ER Eringer
FA Flamand
FC Florida Cracker
FR Fribourg
GA Galloway
GE Gelbray
GI Grauvieh
GR Gronninger
GV Gelbvieh
GY Gyr
GZ Guzerat
HB Hereford (Black)
HC Hays Converter
HH Hereford (Horned)
HP Hereford (Polled)
HY Hybrid (Alberta)
IB Indu Brazil
IS Shorthorn (Illawara)
KB Kobe (Wagyu)
LM Limousin
LO Lowline (Loala)
LR Lincoln Red
LU Luing
MA Maine-Anjou
MC Mexican Corriente
ME Maremmana
MG Murray Grey
MH Mashona
ML Mandalong Special
MR Marchigiana
MU Murrah
NE Nellore
NS Bonsmara
PA Parthenaise
PI Piedmontese
PZ Pinzgauer
RA Ranger
RB Red Brangus
RN Romagnola
RO Rotbunte
RR Red Brahman
RS Romosinuano
RW Danish Red & White
SA Salers
SB Brown Swiss
SE Senepol
SG Santa Gertrudis
SH Highland (Scotch)
SI Simbrah
SP Shorthorn (Polled)
SS Shorthorn (Beef Scotch)
SW Sahiwal
SX Sussex
TA Tarentaise
TB Tabapua
TI Tuli
TL Texas Longhorn
TN Taurindicus
WB Welsh Black
WF West Flemish Red
WP White Park
XB Crossbreed Beef
XT Crossbreeds (Twinner)
blank Unknown
1 These breed codes are only applicable for the Service Sire identification fields in Format 5