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Changes to Monthly Genomic Evaluations (September 2013)

Prepared by staff of USDA/CDCB

The September 2013 genomic release adds a Jersey haplotype for polled (JHP) using the same methods introduced in August for Holstein polled (HHP). To accomodate reporting these data, two fields have been added to the .csv and .xml files, they are JHP (Jersey haplotype polled), and JHP_PC (Jersey haplotype polled, pedigree confirmed). Since only newly genotyped animals are distributed in the monthly evaluations, a rerun of the generation of the JE_all_evaluated_1308.xml, JE_all_evaluated_1308.csv and JE_young_Pub_1308.xml, JE_young_Pub_1308.csv using the latest list of JHP haplotype codes has been generated. Document" polled_haplotype.htm provides further background on polled testing in both breeds, and a Brown Swiss haplotype test for polled (BHP) could be released later this year.

The HHR haplotype test results are not being released for September because too many animals were labeled red carriers. This problem seems to have occurred because the number of animals declared to be homozygous black and white is too small compared to red and red carrier animals. Correction of this problem was not possible by release time due to computer downtime and the holiday weekend. Improved HHR status may be provided later. All HHR haplotype codes are set to blank.