Test day data storage and processing

Variables stored in goat testday database:
Doe key
Kidding date
Herd code
Doe control number
Lactation number
Termination code 1
High DIM 2
Days open 3
Number of testday segments (Seg)
Last processing date (Proc date) 4
Date data base last updated for this doe-kidding-herd (Mod Date)
305 day yields for milk, fat, and protein 7
Lactation type (Lac Type)

For each testday segment:
Milk 5
Fat % 6
Protein % 6
Milking frequency

1 Termination code.

2 High DIM. Highest DIM of doe in that herd. It is the DIM when she stopped being milked in that herd, either because of dry, sold, died, or any other reason for leaving the herd. On RIPs it equals the DIM on the last test.

3 Calculated as breeding date - kidding date. Days open is set to -1 if:

  • incoming days open = 0
  • days open > hidim + 50
  • 4 Last processing date as reported in incoming record. "Processing date is date on which monthly test data for herd were last processed unless record was corrected or altered after that date. If record was corrected or altered after that date, date on which record was corrected or altered should be processing date. Processing date is not necessarily the date that file was created." If processed out of sequence, processing date can be less than kidding + hidim.

    5 Milk is stored as a negative value (-1 x milk value) if testday status code = 4 (doe sick on testday.)
    Milk is stored as a -1 if status code = 3 (milk estimated or not recorded.)

    6 Components are stored as -1 if

  • they are 0 on incoming record
  • testday status code = 2 (components estimated or not recorded.)
  • testday status code = 3 (milk estimated or not recorded.)
  • the doe's number of milkings sampled >= 1 and the herd's number of milking sampled = 0.

  • Also,
  • If fat < 1.0%, fat set to -1
  • If protein < 1.0% or > 9.0%, protein set to -1
  • 7 Actual yields for up to 305 days. An error caused some yields for longer records to be stored. Many have been fixed, but some problems probably still remain. Milk yield is to the nearest 10 lb.