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Interbull conversion equations

Interbull conversion equations

The coefficients in Interbull conversion equations are based on international predicted genetic merits of artificial-insemination bulls that are progeny tested only in 1 country (country of the original evaluation), born in the last 11 years for Holsteins or last 12 years for other breeds, and have a predicted genetic merit based on a minimum of 20 herds and with an international reliability/repeatability of 75%. A minimum of 20 bulls is required. For details on conversion equations for country combinations that do not fulfill these requirements, see the Interbull Code of Practice, Section 5: Method of International Evaluation.

NOTE: Several countries publish relative breeding values nationally but send estimated breeding values to Interbull for some traits. Conversion equations distributed by Interbull cannot be used in those cases, but the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory has no way of determining which country/trait combinations are affected.

Equation abbreviations and definitions follow.

Abbreviation Breed
BSW Brown Swiss
GUE Guernsey
HOL Holstein
JER Jersey
RDC Ayrshire (U.S. equivalent of Red Dairy Cattle)
Abbreviation Country/population
AUS Australia
BEL Belgium
CAN Canada
CHE Switzerland/Black and White Holstein
CHR Switzerland/Red and White Holstein
CZE Czech Republic
DEU Germany and Austria
DFS Denmark, Finland, and Sweden
ESP Spain
EST Estonia
FRA France
FRR France/Pie Rouge Holstein
GBR Great Britain and Northern Ireland
HUN Hungary
IRL Ireland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy
JPN Japan
KOR Republic of Korea
LVA Latvia
LTU Lithuania
NLD Netherlands
NZL New Zealand
NOR Norway
POL Poland
PRT Portugal
SVK Slovakia
SVN Slovenia
USA United States of America
ZAF South African Republic
Abbreviation Trait
mil Milk yield
fat Fat yield
pro Protein yield
scs Somatic cell score
dlo Productive life
dce Direct %DBH
mce Maternal %DBH
dsb Direct stillbirth
msb Maternal stillbirth
hco Heifer conception rate
crc Daughter pregnancy rate
cc1 Cow conception rate
cc2 Daughter pregnancy rate
int Daughter pregnancy rate


Interbull Equation Converter (conversion to USA scale)

Data as of April 2020
Notes on usage:
-Converted proofs should only be used to provide an indication of scale of foreign evaluations in US.
 These values are not to be considered publishable or accurate, as they are a rough approximation (a simple linear regression).

-To process multiple values please separate the values with a comma (ex. 3,4.5,6.1)

-Please enter values with decimals with only a "." (ex. 3.4) Please do not use any other characters other than the "."
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